You may envision the college dropouts that work from their parent’s garage trying to unlock the rubicon. Some characterize them as super ambitious risk takers that are striving to hit the jackpot. Others think of the tech giants like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and the thoughts of jealousy and awe surface into their minds. Entrepreneurs appear out of reach and become correlated to some fantasized club for the geniuses of the world. It is quite the contrary. These tech billionaires are only a small subset of what an entrepreneur is. Entrepreneurship is not about coming up with the next breakthrough idea, but rather a way to pursue your passions. It’s about mitigating the risk of having a boring life by doing things that you love.

I personally define entrepreneurship as the process of turning an idea into reality, no matter how easy or difficult the process may be. An entrepreneur can be the local baker that has the most delicious cupcakes in town or the rapper giving out his CD’s on the street corner. An entrepreneur can be an avid reader starting a book club or a traveler that shares his adventures online. To pursue an idea, no matter how simple or complex, is the fruit of an entrepreneur.

The Beginning

Six months ago I was destined for a life on Wall Street. I was drawn by the glitz and glamour of the banker lifestyle and the prestige carried by each bank. I took the initiative to scrub through my school’s career center calendar and mark down all the investment banking related events. Through company tours and information sessions, I caught on to the cryptic financial jargon and learned to sporadically drop technical terms in conversation to validate my credibility. I even cemented the idea that 100 hour work weeks would be worth it for the right company. It was clear, I was going to be like any other corporatist strutting through Manhattan in a custom tailored Brooks Brothers suit jabbering about a recent IPO.

Thankfully, Wall Street never panned out. I was always intrigued by the complex financial systems and their massive effect on society, but after much introspection, I realized that I was not compatible with the corporate life. I wanted to do something where I was able to free, creative, and challenged. I needed a way to break the rules of structure and I found it through the avenues of entrepreneurship. Thinking entrepreneurially molded my outlook on life. It made me test my true character and pushed me to strive for my full potential. 

One of the biggest traits of entrepreneurs is self expression. I was always fascinated by the entrepreneurs that stuck with their vision and disregarded the critics that put them down. This blog will be my way of digging into my mind and expressing my sincere thoughts. I am going to treat the blog like a startup by testing out different topics and writing styles. I hope to facilitate discussions that will help me and you grow along this new venture.